Our Story

Follow Prischl’s journey through the last hundred years of producing beautiful jewellery.


Alfred Prischl

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Alfred Prischl was born in 1908 and in the early 1920’s Alfred trained as a Diamond Setter in his uncle’s jewellery workshop in Vienna Austria. His uncle Fritz Massari also employed his parents in the same business designing and creating the most fashionable diamond and platinum jewellery. In the 1920’s and 1930’s jewellery design was intricate and ornate. Multi pave set diamond brooches, bracelets, rings and earrings were very fashionable.

In the 1930’s Alfred worked in a number of European cities including Budapest and Geneva.  Due to the difficult times in Europe and the depression he decided to emigrate.  In 1936 he accepted a position at Sidersky Jewellers in Johannesburg South Africa. He established himself as a Diamond Setter, using his skills he soon became a very well known and respected designer and jeweller. Alfred was passionate and talented.

Unfortunately at the start of WWII like all Austrian citizens Alfred was interned and spent the war years in Baviaanspoort. When the war was over he went back to his passion making beautiful jewellery.

Alfred met his wife Josie in Johannesburg and they married in 1947.

During the 1950’s he started a business designing and making marcasite jewellery, which was all the rage at this time. Josie handmade the display and packaging. During this time he also made some modern giftware pieces in brass and glass.

In the late 1950’s Alfred opened his first retail jewellery store creating and making exquisite pieces of jewellery until his untimely death in 1974.

Peter Prischl

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Alfred’s eldest son Peter began his apprenticeship in 1967 under the guidance of a master jeweller, Walter Vorlaufer who also came from Vienna, Austria. Peter completed his final years of training under Alfred’s guidance. Peter shared his father’s passion for design and jewellery.

Anthony, Alfred’s youngest son joined the company in 1971 where he trained to be a jeweller.

Peter left South Africa in 1973 to go travelling and see the world. After sailing the islands of the Indian Ocean and travelling through Europe, he found his way to Australia ready to make his own mark in his chosen career. His first job was with the prestigious jewellers, Bruce and Walsh Jewellers in King St Sydney. In 1976 Peter started his own jewellery design studio selling his work through various fashionable markets across Sydney.

Peter took over Robert Clerc’s jewellery workshop in Dymocks Building Sydney, with a partner Lee James-Young. The company Peter Lee Jewellery Productions designed and manufactured fine quality jewellery, selling the pieces to various upmarket jewellers in Sydney. Lee left the business in 1980 to pursue other interests and Peter continued on his own.

In the early 1980s Peter met Ian Hadassin a precious metal supplier. Peter and Ian formed a new company expanding  Peterlee Jewellery Productions. This enabled them to manufacture and wholesale fine quality jewellery throughout Australia and New Zealand. Peter and Ian subsequently joined forces with Strand Watchmakers and Jewellers allowing them to branch into the retail jewellery market in Sydney and Brisbane. After a very successful few years, in 1988 Peter sold his interest in the company and took a well earned break travelling and taking time to decide his future direction.

With all his experience and passion for jewellery Peter was destined to continue the family tradition and in 1992 Peter and Graham Walsh formed Prischl and Walsh Jewellers, successfully opening stores in North Sydney and Northbridge.

Peter’s son Francis completed his schooling at Saint Ignatius College Riverview 1996 and joined the company as an apprentice jeweller. He currently works in the company as a master jeweller.

In 1998 the partnership with Graham Walsh came to an end. Peter moved the head office to North Sydney and continued on with the North Sydney and Northbridge stores as Peter Prischl The Jewellery Shop and his manufacturing company Peter Prischl The Jewellery Factory.

In 1998 with Peter’s extensive jewellery expertise and experience he assisted Bankers Trust in the purchase of the Hayman Island Jewellery Boutique, during the takeover of the resort and was consequently contracted to manage, stock and run the day-to day affairs of the Hayman Jewellery Boutique,  selling exquisite jewellery pieces to guests from all over the world.

Due to a change in the hotel ownership and direction the arrangement ended in 2007

We became PRISCHL

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Over the next few years Peter consolidated the business and started to create his own concept store, all the time focusing and reflecting on his exclusive style, carrying a selection of exquisite pieces of jewellery from all over the world to compliment his own designs.  Peter and his family have created a jewellery store that carries an eclectic range of jewellery.

They also specialise in assisting their clients to bring their own designs to reality.      `

Peter's son Thomas completed his schooling at Saint Ignatius College Riverview in 2001 and joined the company, working part time while studying business management. Thomas was involved in the finance and stock control of the company. Thomas later joined the company fulltime working in the retail stores. In 2007 he attained a diploma in gemmology at the Gemmological Association of Australia. Thomas also completed a course in practical diamond grading. Thomas specialises in designing jewellery and creating jewellery using Computer Aided design for the company.

The exquisite PRISCHL jewellery collection is designed and made in Australia in our own jewellery workshop. This is unique. Our designs are influenced by a young modern and rich Australian influence. We aspire to make our beautiful jewellery and other objects d’art timeless with minimalistic classic designs that will always look elegant and be majestic.